RBGE ‘WebCyte’ - Gesneriaceae cytology database


RBGE "WebCyte" is a database dedicated to assist research into the cytology of members of the family Gesneriaceae, a large and interesting family of predominantly tropical and subtropical plants

The database consists of two parts:

The searchable database allows querying and display of cytological information by genus or species. There are two options for the display of search results:

  • short output [taxonomy, count, short reference]
  • full output [taxonomy, synonyms, count, methods, voucher, locality, full reference & image if present]

The statistic section allows the display of diverse database characteristics:

summary of all counts

coverage, by genus, tribe or subfamily

The output is by default a scatter chart. The coverage section also gives the proportional coverage with an option of a break down by the basic chromosome number (n).

The subfamily and tribal classification used is based on the currently accepted work by Burtt & Wiehler (Gesneriana 1: 1-4, 1995).


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For all enquiries contact the "WebCyte" co-ordinator.

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