Welcome to the Zingiberaceae Resource Centre

This site brings together in one place taxonomic and related information which has been gathered from herbaria and libraries across the world. The aim is to help researchers, wherever they are, to get the basic data they need for taxonomic revisions and to encourage international collaboration between botanists.
Read this before you use the database!
We don’t know all there is to know about gingers, even though we’re trying hard! The database is fairly complete as to names but rather incomplete as to specimens. The current data base statistics can be found here. Names in genera which are being revised may not appear yet, the biggest example of this being Aframomum. When a revision is completed, all names will be made publicly available.
A call for help!
If you know of information which is missing from the database or you want to tell us that you’re moving, please let us know here.
What’s new?
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